Mission & Collection

LORADILORA® creations are holistic and stand for quality in every detail, making every piece unlike any other. Each design of our jewellery has a message, a meaning to be shared with the world. Are you ready to join?

We only work with 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Vermeil Gold and Gemstones. Every design starts with one drawing; a reflection of a precious moment caught on a piece of paper. LORADILORA® is authentic, born of an intuition that touches the heart and tells a story. Our craftsmen create the majority of our jewellery by hand, taking up a full day for one single bracelet or ring. Create an account to spread the love. 


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First-order minimum € 1500,- shippd after payment
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Our Vision

We're All Equal

We embrace a world where everybody is equal in their own unique way. When we design there is no age, race or religion on our mind, only the awareness of happiness. We go into the market to listen, observe and learn, to increase our potential and take responsibility to continually improve all aspects of the world we operate in; environmental, social and economic. 

Fair Trade

We are united believers of FAIRTRADE and try to make a difference to the lives of our team across India, who manufacture our so beloved jewellery. Child labour is one of the many non-negotiable fair trade standards. We make it our mission and part of our company's culture to ensure all activities are free from child labour. We try to make a difference ♥


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